The Axone Universe is a collaborative writing platform for authors. Overcome the writer's block through collaboration and co-authorship. Put up chapters of your unfinished book on Axone, and let the community write the book with you!

Contribute to existing books by creating new storylines or writing new chapters for a book storyline. Engage your creative side and create something amazing!


On Axone a book is a story with different character/s and a plot which the book creator has set in the book description. To quickly create a book:

  1. 1 Navigate to the header of the page
  2. 2 Click on the write button.

You can also create a book by:

  1. 1 Navigating to your studio
  2. 2 Selecting books in the left navigation
  3. 3 Click on the left green button to create a book.


A book can have multiple storylines. Each storyline is a trajectory of a book in a different unique direction. You can think of a storyline as a different version of the original book. For example, in the book Romeo and Juliet in chapter 5 the message to Romeo that Juliet wasn't dead failed to reach him in time resulting in him taking poison and dying of sorrow, thinking that Juliet was dead. In an alternative storyline from chapter 5, Romeo receives the message and avoids taking the poison leading to reconciliation between their feuding families, the Montagues and Capulets.

To create a new storyline for a book:

  1. 1 Navigate to the book's details view page
  2. 2 Click on the green button next to a chapter you want to branch from

NB: All the previous chapters including the current one will be part of the new storyline. The new chapters you create are the ones which will deviate from the parent storyline.


A storyline is made up of multiple chapters. Any author with permissions can add a chapter to a storyline. To add a chapter to a storyline:

  1. 1 Navigate to the book's details view page
  2. 2 Select the storyline from the top scrolling list
  3. 3 Scroll down to the chapters section and click on edit for the desired chapter

NB: If the edit selection is not available for a chapter you do not have permissions to edit the chapter. You can ask the author for permission to collaborate on the storyline.


An Axone campaign is a call for authors to write stories on a certain topic. For example a campaign titled "Voices of Resilience: Chronicles of African Childhood" could have the following description:

"Voices of Resilience" is a compelling campaign aimed at inspiring authors to write books that shed light on the challenging yet resilient lives of African children. This initiative seeks to raise awareness about the diverse experiences faced by children across the continent, emphasizing their strength, dreams, and the obstacles they overcome.

Authors will write books for the campaign until the campaign ending date. A campaign will usually have rewards for the best books based on a set criteria. To create a campaign:

  1. 1 Navigate to your studio
  2. 2 Select books in the left navigation
  3. 3 Click on the right green button to create a book campaign


Permissions restrict access to books, storylines and chapters. They are set and managed by the creator of the document. You can set individual permissions and public permissions. Public permissions applies to all users on the platform and individual permissions apply to the individuals chosen. The two types of permissions are view and collaborate.


  1. 1 View: Allows a user to view the details of the book such as description and storylines.
  2. 2 Collaborate: Allows a user to create storylines for the book.


  1. 1 View: Allows a user to view the details of the storyline such as description and the chapters it has.
  2. 2 Collaborate: Allows a user to add chapters to the storyline.


  1. 1 View: Allows users to read the chapter.
  2. 2 Collaborate: Allows users to co-write the chapter and edit it's contents. Usually used by editors when editing your chapter.


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